As you will no doubt recall, NASS became a registered charity on September 1 2016. Since that time we have been discussing how we can develop strategies to enable us to provide a more effective service to our members.

Following these discussions from September 1 we will be introducing this year some new additions to our service. These include:

  • A new improved website containing more features and a wider range of articles, advice and guidance.
  • Face Book and Twitter pages to allow greater access for comment and wider publicity for events and stories
  • A newsletter containing a wider range of articles, themed pages, more examples of good practice and details of events and conferences
  • More training and information events on subjects of interest and to meet specific needs
  • A programme of conferences which will be delivered by nationally known speakers

Our aim is to enable all members to have a greater access and insight into the ever-changing educational landscape and to participate more fully into future activities.

The areas noted above have been based upon what the committee of NASS have decided based upon many wide ranging discussions.

We are always open to advice from individuals and schools for ways to improve the quality of what we provide for our members. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas for articles or any advice for ways in which we can improve them please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will be delighted hear from you.