Over the past year NASS has been exploring the ways in which small schools are collaborating together to raise standards. Whilst the three ‘Collaboration or Collision’ conferences organised to date have proved of great value, they have been limited in scope.

All this will change in the next twelve months.

We have been successful in an application to the Laurel Trust for a research grant to develop our understanding of the nature and type of collaborations throughout the country. The project -
‘will explore the most effective collaborative systems and structures small schools across the country are employing to maximize the expertise within their ranks and thus ensuring the best possible educational opportunity and provision for their pupils.’

Whilst we already have examples of collaborations to begin our research, we need to explore as many others as we can. If your school is part of a formal/informal collaboration and you have some advice and guidance for others wishing to follow suit, then please contact me and I will be in touch.

The research project will run from November until the end of this academic year and we will be giving details of progress in future newsletters. In the meantime I can be contacted at :

Neil Short

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.