Achievement For All

NASS has recently been contacted by leaders of this active organisation that is very concerned to close the gap in the learning opportunities offered to children from disadvantaged and other difficult backgrounds, as well as those with Special Educational Needs. Individual differences are recognised but AFA sees many of the circumstances facing children compounding rather than easing such differences. We are asked to encourage your interest in their work. We reproduce the notice sent for this newsletter.

Achievement For All (Small Schools)

Achievement for All is about improving results in reading, writing and maths for children with SEN, those claiming FSM, looked after children and other vulnerable learners, with whole school impact. Implemented and developed in collaboration with schools, it engages leaders, teachers, other staff, parents, carers and pupils.

It provides a framework for schools to focus on aspirations, access and achievement across the four elements of leadership; teaching and learning-leading to improved progress and outcomes for all pupils, parent and carer engagement- developed through the 'structured conversation' and leading to improved relationships across the school and wider outcomes- to support participation, enjoyment and achievement of children in all elements of school life.

Recent evidence shows that when the four interdependent elements are developed equally in schools, pupil progress, attainment and wider outcomes are enhanced.

A special small schools pricing package is available to schools with less than 100 pupils. We are advised they have a specially discounted small schools subscription for services provided through visits to schools over a minimum two-year period.
The rationale of this offer is to enable schools with limited budgets and a small teaching team to engage with the Achievement for All programme and provide the benefits of the programme to their respective pupils. Details are as follows:

School Fee: £1500 + VAT per year.
Duration of Programme- minimum 2 years.
Coaching visits: up to 9 visits per year.
Registration: via e-mail or phone
(see Achievement for All 3As website for details: