Ebrington Closure 6

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The findings of the SLM research review (06.03.2014) are, as stated by the SLM, fully supported by the schools’ own data and confirmed by OFSTED, and show that the schools are providing a well-planned and effective curriculum. Examples are set out below.
The earliest available OFSTED report was published in 2004 and states that:
Pupils’ attitudes and behaviour are particularly good at Ebrington.
Standards in English at the end of Year 6 at Ebrington are well above average, but the quality of writing is below average for a significant number of pupils at St James.
The quality of the teaching at Ebrington is consistently good, but it is only satisfactory at St James, where teachers do not have high enough expectations of what pupils can do.' (OFSTED, 2004)

In 2008 inspectors noted that:
This is a good school. It has improved markedly since the time of the previous inspection because of the strong leadership of the headteacher and other senior leaders.
Year 6 results in 2007 show that standards were well above average in English, mathematics and science. Current standards are above average in all three subjects. (OFSTED, 2008)

In 2011 inspectors commented that its position as a good school had been maintained.
The school has maintained its status as a good school. ...Pupils are now making good progress throughout the school in reading, writing and mathematics, and their attainment is above average by the time they leave.' (OFSTED, 2011)

The OFSTED inspection in 2014 noted:
Pupils make good progress across the schools.
Pupils are happy and proud of their schools.
Pupils do well because the schools take exceptionally good care of them as individuals.
Staff, parents and carers, and pupils share a strong belief in the values of their schools.
The schools provide pupils with an interesting range of subjects, topics and experiences.
Pupils from both schools made good progress.
Pupils at both schools have equal access to the wide range of activities and visits on offer.
The headteacher is very committed to the schools and community, and has a clear vision for the two schools and their future development. [Emphasis added]

The OFSTED inspection gave five reasons why the schools were not outstanding:

  • There is not enough outstanding teaching to promote rapid progress for all pupils.
  • Occasionally, work is a little easy for some pupils.
  • Pupils are not always given enough opportunities to develop their skills in punctuation, grammar and sentence construction.
  • Teachers’ marking and comments do not consistently help pupils to improve their work.
  • Subject leaders, other than in English and mathematics, are not yet ensuring that learning builds on previous work and what the pupils are already able to do.