Ebrington Closure 2

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Members of the Team
Dr Ian H Jones MPhil, PhD, FCollP, FRSA Review Team Leader
* Headteacher including the Federation when established * County Inspector of Schools * Head of one of the largest inspection services in England * OFSTED Lead Inspector (all phases plus SEN) * Contracted, managed, quality assured approximately 400 OFSTED inspectors, and quality assured their inspections nationally * Independent adjudicator for inspection disputes * Responsibility for inspector training – LEA and OFSTED * Advisor education and employment law * Researcher: international educational and socio-political research.
James Billington, MEd, DASEd Review Team Member
Headships * County Inspector with responsibility across all phases. * Manager OFSTED inspection process * Extensive experience as lead OFSTED inspector * Developed the evaluation and development programme for primary schools * Special responsibilities for advising governing bodies and the professional staff in schools in managing improvement in all areas following critical judgements by OFSTED * Education evidence analyst.
Diane Lever, B.Ed Hons, BA Hons Review Team Member
Headteacher * LEA Inspector – two authorities, with particular responsibility for Gifted and Talented pupils * Extensive experience as a lead OFSTED inspector * Head of OFSTED inspection training and development for 31 local authorities across England * Developed the training material and programme for OFSTED inspectors and delivered inspector training throughout England and in association with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate * Quality assured OFSTED inspection reports for HMI * Quality assured teams for national inspections. * Assessor for NPQH * National profile training - teaching and learning, leadership and management and school improvement.
Professor Geoff Lindsay, BSc, PGCE, MEd, PhD, FBPsS, FRSA, FAcSS
Review Consultant
*Professor of Education Warwick University * Director of the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research CEDAR * (CEDAR conducts educational research across all aspects of education both in the UK and abroad) * International authority on ethics in research and professional practice * Researcher, psychologist and author * Consultant on the Lamb Inquiry (2009) * Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee on Education * Led research team from Warwick and Manchester Universities for DfES (now DfE) ‘School Federations Pilot Study 2003-2007’.
Jeremy Lilley and William Harte, Parliamentary Assistants to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP.
Mr Lilley and subsequently Mr Harte were the administration officers and advisers for the Review. They arranged access to relevant official bodies, provided liaison support and procedural advice as necessary.

School involvement in Review Team
During the process of establishing the Review Team, the Vicar was invited to become a key member of the Team. As a school governor, the vicar of both parishes, chairman of the two parochial church councils, a former school teacher and a parent of children attending the Federation, it was considered that he would bring a valuable perspective and insight to the work of the Review Team. It is a matter of regret that he was unable to accept.
It was planned to discuss with the Headteacher whether she would be willing to work with the Review Team in her role as Headteacher, distinct from her role as a governor. However, the Headteacher would not meet the Review Leader without governors present. In consequence, it was not possible for this discussion to take place.

The Review process- evidence analysis and final report
Stage 1
Full evidence base assessed for completeness - independently by Reviewers Mrs D Lever and Mr J Billington.
Stage 2
Requests from Reviewers for additional evidence where deemed insufficient to enable a full analysis or draw secure conclusions in any area of review.
Stage 3
Full evidence base analysis by the reviewers Mrs D Lever, Mr J Billington and Dr I Jones - independently and without conferring; conclusions drawn.
Stage 4
The analysis and draft conclusions compared to identify any differences in findings.
Stage 5
Review of any aspects where the evidence reviewers were unable to reach unanimous agreement – by Professor G Lindsay.
Stage 6
Draft report stage. Key stakeholders who provided evidence to the Review were offered the opportunity to discuss any details of the report that directly appertained to them. 7

The final report is published by Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP.
*The Report is lodged with:
i. The Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP;
ii. The Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb MP;
iii. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools;
iv. Statutory Agencies as required.

Supplementary reports are published to regulatory bodies where evidence indicates they have a statutory or professional interest. In some cases, these bodies have been consulted and provided advice during the evidence gathering process. Resulting from the review of evidence, supplementary reports are published to:
i. Health and Safety Executive;
ii. Information Commissioner (Data Protection);
iii. Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors;
iv. The National College for Teaching and Leadership;
v. The Chief Schools Adjudicator for England.

Based on the full body of evidence gathered from the Review, recommendations will be submitted to:
i. The Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP;
ii. The Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb MP.

The Governing Body has initiated two consultation processes. The first was suspended The Governing Body has initiated two consultation processes. The first was suspended due to challenges to the composition of the Governing Body and the legal status of the schools. A further reason was the lack of information provided by the Governing Body on which parents and other Interested Parties could assess the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal to close Ebrington School with effect from September 2016.